Friday, July 08, 2005

the strange lives we lead.

Had dinner with my friend TM last night at the beer garden on the roof of the New Otani in J-Town. TM may be the only person on the planet to disappear to Burkina Faso for two years, and return irrefutably and wonderfully, gay. We grilled little bits of meat and vegetables and exclaimed over our love lives and gossiped about ourselves in tragic terms for the better part of two hours.

In the meanwhile, the New Otani was hosting a bizzare rooftop kimono club fashion show. Which meant that TM--who is addicted to his Blackberry--was to partake in this exchange:

Mike: where u at?
TM: im at a japanese fashion show, drinking a 40.
Mike: i think that may be the strangest thing you've ever said.

We lead strange lives, indeed.

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