Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mme. GL and I went for an early evening bike ride along the beach. She on a purple beach cruiser, and I on an equally purple 5-speed. We went for miles--it was sunny and clear and there were tons and tons of people out and about.

We slowed to watch the evening surfers in the water. Slowed for a large dog watching his owner eat a salad, with her head over his shoulder. We yelled back to each other, making summer plans, beach plans, biking plans. We watched the sun sink down.

It was all going quite well, until after a sharp curve, I heard a series of high pitched squeals and turned back to see GL up in a large planter of birds of paradise and her bike smushed up against a low wall.

"I don't think the brakes work," she giggled breathlessly.

We laughed until we gasped and our stomach muscles hurt.

posted by m at 8:38 PM

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