Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Next, the inevitable question: do we stay friends?

Now, the boy and I weren't friends before he became my boy. In fact, we met on a camping trip with mutual friends, and by the second night of the camp out, were making out. Furiously. Kissing first, romance later.

I think I do want to be friends with the boy. But does he want to be friends with me? He says he does, but I feel unsure about his motivation. He's been saying the right things, and doing all the wrong things. In fact, based on his behavior, he's been a downright jerk. But, as my amazing brother (whom I certainly do not give enough credit) said: people behave like jerks for all kinds of reasons. Out of hurt, or confusion, or to avoid being vulnerable, etc.

But how do I know?

Here are what I see as the possiblities:
(a) He does sincerely want to be friends, but is acting jerky to cover hurt, and to deal.
(b) He kind of wants to be friends, but mostly sees me as someone to hang out with, until he finds the next girl.

I hope it's (a), but I suspect it's (b).

posted by m at 11:16 PM

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