Thursday, March 24, 2005

My brother and I are seven years apart. So we've never been very close. It's only in recent years that he has become less of a sticky-little-kid-come-surly-teenager, and more like a person I can talk and relate to.

I passed by his room this evening, to borrow a set of headphones--and we ended up talking about music, about computers, his girlfriend, about their relationship, about school ... for a couple of hours.

It's an undeniably nice feeling that we can begin to see the ways in which we are from the same people and how we are family. To know how he is weird and wonderful, and how amazing the person is that he is slowly becoming.

To think: this, from him chucking legos at me, and me squishing his head under sofa cushions.

posted by m at 5:05 PM

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