Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Friendster was one of those things over which I obsessed heavily for about a week--manically inviting friends, stalking old high school enemies, and writing testimonials. Then, I lost interest.

Last night, I checked Friendster for the first time in about a year, to find that they had added all these extra goodies--photo albums, blogs, (blogs!), and so on. The best by far is a side bar that tells you the top 10 most popular searches among people in your network.

Mine listed:

1. prom gowns
2. polyphonic ringtone
3. Prom Hairstyles
4. free mp3 songs
5. zodiac love match
6. body language flirting
7. love spells
8. nokia 6230
9. adidas shoes
10. louis vuitton bags


posted by m at 10:27 AM

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