Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Other girls dream of diamond rings and ruffly dresses. M dreams of worms.

I've been wanting to have a worm bin for a while--something to recycle our organic waste into lovely, rich soil for growing things.

I found this simple design for a worm bin--constructed from two stacked rubbermaid containers, and a couple of 2" louvered vents (from the very awesome-sounding Seattle Tilth Association). The only real modification I made, was to use a utility knife instead of a 2" cup drill bit to make the holes for the vents. I also used a smaller container than the one in their specs. (Sorry, bad picture!)

Ordered worms from this place a few weeks ago, and they finally arrived yesterday.

Some soil and bedding (shredded paper) later, they were happily munching asparagus ends.

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