Wednesday, December 01, 2004

So, I am finally moving. Yup. Signed the lease today. A lovely little run-down bit of gray-carpeted beach-side rental property that is to be for me and my roomie Madame Grape Leaf, for the next 12 months.

I have been thinking about this move for a few months now. Now that it is actually happening, I feel anxious to get the moving part out of the way, and on with life. After so many moves over so many years, it's beginning to feel a more like a tired routine than a new start. But nothing a little paint can't fix.

B and I have argued back and forth about my painting this apartment. GL and I think it's grand--B shakes his head in that way that says, "painting a rental is a waste of time and money." A valid point, since he will probably do most of the work--GL and I are rather useless that way.

In the end, he agrees to agree... with me.

B: You know I'm going to have to paint it back, when you move out, now.
M: Yes, I know.
B: Do I get extra points?
M: Definitely!
B: Can I cash in my old points to NOT have to paint?
M: I don't think the points work that way.
B: (Frowns.) I'd like to see a prospectus on this point system, before I continue investing.

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