Friday, December 17, 2004

My mantra for this month has been that: "It doesn't have to be perfect all at once." Really this mantra was a rationalization for moving in slowly, as opposed to moving in (like a normal person) in a single, clean flurry of vaccuming and box-lifting.

Slow move? Total, total mistake.

The problem with migrating posessions slowly, is that for a period of some weeks, your things will be in many different places at once. Your contacts will be in your purse, while your contact solution is at your boy's. And the box with fresh pair of contacts? Well, those of course, are at your parent's house. Along with the shoes you were planning to wear today.

My surfboard, wetsuit, wax, and board cover at all at moment, in four different places. All of which are at least 15 miles apart. Which made the possibility of hitting the waves today, quite not.

Word to the weary: Things don't have to be perfect all at once, but they do need to be all in one place, please.

posted by m at 5:55 PM

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