Friday, December 17, 2004

My mantra for this month has been that: "It doesn't have to be perfect all at once." Really this mantra was a rationalization for moving in slowly, as opposed to moving in (like a normal person) in a single, clean flurry of vaccuming and box-lifting.

Slow move? Total, total mistake.

The problem with migrating posessions slowly, is that for a period of some weeks, your things will be in many different places at once. Your contacts will be in your purse, while your contact solution is at your boy's. And the box with fresh pair of contacts? Well, those of course, are at your parent's house. Along with the shoes you were planning to wear today.

My surfboard, wetsuit, wax, and board cover at all at moment, in four different places. All of which are at least 15 miles apart. Which made the possibility of hitting the waves today, quite not.

Word to the weary: Things don't have to be perfect all at once, but they do need to be all in one place, please.

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Monday, December 13, 2004

Dragged B on Saturday to see the fireworks and fake snow at Disneyland. No matter how evil and corporate Disney might be (or how anti-Disney I might feel I OUGHT to be), I can't get past the magic that is fireworks and Christmas music and snow (even if it IS fake snow). Lovely, lovely.

Aside from which, they've started making over the entire Haunted Mansion in halloween town fashion. I still can't figure out (or even find a picture--cough it up, internet!) the small vampire cat--small and evil and yay!

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Friday, December 10, 2004

M: Someone should have a blog on environmentally progressive products... you know, something to get people all hyped about eco-gadgets and progressive design.
B: You could do something like that.
M: I don't want to DO it. I want someone ELSE to do it, so I can read it everyday with excessive joy and squeals of delight.
B: I see.

Best news! Someone DID. And it's awesome.

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Monday, December 06, 2004

It is possible to whip yourself into a frenzy of self-propogating hype, to such a degree that the actual item cannot possibly meet your expectations. Case-in-point: House of Flying Daggers.

After seeing the preview, and after much talking up from E, I COULD NOT WAIT to see this movie. You know like when your dog just knows that you're about to walk him, and he's spinning around in circles and panting in frantic anticipation? Well, yes, it was like that. My friend got ahold of a copy of the Chinese edit, with English subtitles, and I almost passed out, waiting for him to screen it on his ridiculously enormous sony wide-screen (affectionately named "Sonya").

The actual movie was good, but not as good it was in my head. But perhaps this was to be expected.

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So, after all the hype, NaNoWri was a total bust for me. I think I may have committment problems. Luckily, there's always next year...

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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Note to self: Moving furniture when it's pouring rain... never a good idea. Bleh.

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Friday, December 03, 2004

GL and B and I knocked back the Grey Goose last night and painted our new place silly until 1 in the morning. GL picked a combination of pink and green for a juicy "GL in the Giant Watermelon" look, while I went for a pistachio ice cream paint which the paint company has enticingly named "Cabbage Green."

(It' looks ucky here, but it's quite nice on my walls, promise.)

For Los Angeles, it was a freezing night, as we ran around the drop cloths in heavy socks and tried not to get paint on the new carpet.

I come from the kind of family that has white walls and tan carpets--the idea of living with colored walls is rather dizzying. And fun.

Now to get all the furniture in!

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

How I know Mme. GL and I are going to be fine:

M: So what are we going to do about a refrigerator?
GL: Well, I actually have one.
M: Great!
GL: Except that it's green. And the handle is broken.
M: We can probably fix the handle. But what to do about the color?
GL: We could could paint it...
M: Like a robot!
GL: Robo-fridge, yeah!!

(And me, GL, and the robo-fridge lived happily ever after...)

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So, I am finally moving. Yup. Signed the lease today. A lovely little run-down bit of gray-carpeted beach-side rental property that is to be for me and my roomie Madame Grape Leaf, for the next 12 months.

I have been thinking about this move for a few months now. Now that it is actually happening, I feel anxious to get the moving part out of the way, and on with life. After so many moves over so many years, it's beginning to feel a more like a tired routine than a new start. But nothing a little paint can't fix.

B and I have argued back and forth about my painting this apartment. GL and I think it's grand--B shakes his head in that way that says, "painting a rental is a waste of time and money." A valid point, since he will probably do most of the work--GL and I are rather useless that way.

In the end, he agrees to agree... with me.

B: You know I'm going to have to paint it back, when you move out, now.
M: Yes, I know.
B: Do I get extra points?
M: Definitely!
B: Can I cash in my old points to NOT have to paint?
M: I don't think the points work that way.
B: (Frowns.) I'd like to see a prospectus on this point system, before I continue investing.

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As I state in my cover letter, I am very good at working unsupervised. Just not necessarily on the things I'm SUPPOSED to be working on.

Things I accomplished, working from home:

-ordered prescriptions
-downloaded old pictures from my camera and e-mailed them out
-baked 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies
-found a new scarf pattern to try
-mailed a CD to a friend
-worked on this blog
-wrote a letter to E
-washed three loads of laundry

Some actual work was done, but pales in the face of other accomplishments.

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