Tuesday, November 16, 2004

visiting e.

For the holiday weekend, was able to snag a cheap ticket to visit my E.

Seeing E after so many months was like taking a nice, long nap after an all-nighter. We surfed, we dived--and it was reefy and wonderful. We also spent a good deal of time sitting around and eating of m&ms, one of our favorite activities. (Warning from the wise: E will knock you down and step on your face, if you are standing between her and a bag of peanut m&ms.)

Leaving E was like that scene in Paulie, where the annoying Hallie girl is kicking and screaming, as her beloved bird is driven away in an old El Camino. Except that E is not annoying, and I am not a bird, and we both tried to play it pretty cool. Otherwise, it was the same.

M misses you, E!

posted by m at 6:10 PM

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