Thursday, November 04, 2004

The best thing that happened today (admittedly, a slow day):

My silly friend Pennsylvania P found a whole bunch of random Domo photos on the roll of film she developed.

Domo is a silly obsession that P and I share. Enthusiastically. Very. We love to catch him in various random scenes (a la Blythe doll fans), mostly up to no good. (Monsters are like that, you know.)

The real Domo is probably nothing like the Domo that P and I know. He is the mascot for public telvision in Japan, and probably mostly well-mannered.

This is a project I started a while back, one of the multitude of things that just kind of peters out after the initial flurry of activity. The idea was to have a place to collect and create some stories out of all the silly pictures we had taken. Now that summer is officially over, perhaps I will have to take this up again...

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