Monday, November 22, 2004

There are two categories of new products--crap that I can be convinced that I must have, and the wonderful amazing innovations that I will spend the rest of my life wondering what I ever did without. In this latter category: rasin bran with nut clusters, post-it notes bookmarks, and goretex.

Last night I dreamt about sugar-frosted kashi flakes. Someone over there should really get on that.

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Friday, November 19, 2004


Too much of a good thing can be bad. Especially when that good thing is cocktails with a small gaggle of giggly co-workers. Not that anything untoward happened, just that I woke up with the kind of hangover that would like to beat you up and take your money. Ugh.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

you, too, are suspect.

Just fired off a little missive to E's brother on this disturbing little bit of internet. E's brother is of the ranty sort, the kind of guy who grew his hair out in high school and wore I.M. Pei glasses, just to be anti. Anit- what, you ask? Well, anti-EVERYTHING, of course. (He wouldn't know how to swim downstream stream if he tried, and it's one of his most endearing qualities.) Anyway, a conspiracy by the Salvation Army to convert fire victims is just the sort of thing he likes best.

Seconds later, his spam filter shot back a hostile message about "suspect e-mail" that was something like a electronic finger-wagging. Uh, I hate spam as much as the next person, but could we make filters that are more... polite?


I think your message might be spam, but I'm not sure, because I'm just a filter and really not all that smart. Not as smart as your dog, say, but smarter than your goldfish.

Anyway, sorry about the delay in delivery. Just trying to keep your friend from being spammed to death.

Spam Filter.

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best boy deserves a tiara.

Last night, my boy stayed up into the wee hours with me, doing the grunt work that putting together a report inevitably entails. While I made final revisions, he sat next to me for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS, inserting fifty-one little textboxes with graphs into the text of a 22-page environmental indicators report. With his help, I made the deadline.

My heart of stone, it is slowly melting.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


On the flight to Honolulu, I was stuck sitting next to this weird mumbly italian guy--who was very nice and very talkative, but also very difficult to understand. After about five minutes of going, "Oh, that's cool," and "Wow, fun!" to his mumbly mumbleness, I realized that he wasn't saying things like, "Yes, and my fiance and I plan to go skydiving while we're in Hawaii," but rather things like, "The kids I teach get started in criminal lifestyles so young, it's difficult for them to see a way out." And didn't I feel stupid.

Happily, I only had to sit next to this guy for ANOTHER FIVE HOURS. Yeesh.

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visiting e.

For the holiday weekend, was able to snag a cheap ticket to visit my E.

Seeing E after so many months was like taking a nice, long nap after an all-nighter. We surfed, we dived--and it was reefy and wonderful. We also spent a good deal of time sitting around and eating of m&ms, one of our favorite activities. (Warning from the wise: E will knock you down and step on your face, if you are standing between her and a bag of peanut m&ms.)

Leaving E was like that scene in Paulie, where the annoying Hallie girl is kicking and screaming, as her beloved bird is driven away in an old El Camino. Except that E is not annoying, and I am not a bird, and we both tried to play it pretty cool. Otherwise, it was the same.

M misses you, E!

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Friday, November 05, 2004

spelling bee champion of the universe.

Actual e-mail exchange:

She responds...

Oh my god! So narly!

My, er, correction...

I think it's spelled "knarly"?

She gasps...

DUDE. I think it's spelled "GNarly."

Well, don't I feel silly.

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

The best thing that happened today (admittedly, a slow day):

My silly friend Pennsylvania P found a whole bunch of random Domo photos on the roll of film she developed.

Domo is a silly obsession that P and I share. Enthusiastically. Very. We love to catch him in various random scenes (a la Blythe doll fans), mostly up to no good. (Monsters are like that, you know.)

The real Domo is probably nothing like the Domo that P and I know. He is the mascot for public telvision in Japan, and probably mostly well-mannered.

This is a project I started a while back, one of the multitude of things that just kind of peters out after the initial flurry of activity. The idea was to have a place to collect and create some stories out of all the silly pictures we had taken. Now that summer is officially over, perhaps I will have to take this up again...

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

the sun still rose, though.

I try not to be too political in this blogspace (not that there's anything wrong with being political, it's just not what this blogspace is about), but really, what is else IS there today, the day after?

Watched the election returns. Watched the CRAP out of the election returns. Simultaneously glued to NBC, PBS, and CNN on-line--all those innocuous-looking little odd shaped clickable boxes that represented Ohio counties, one-by-one blushing to pink. Ohio to America: Yes, we SHOULD re-elect George "Dubbya" Bush.

On a local level (in terms of legislators and local issues), I am very, very happy to be from Los Angeles.

I give you BoingBoing, because those guys always seem to know what to say:

"Change comes from discontent," he said. "And right now, there's a lot of discontent."

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Took my grandparents to get flu shots today. I'm still trying to figure out how this two-hour activity turned into an all-day grandparent-fest. (It's the bachan-blindside!) Today's activities included a trip to the post office, the Japanese supermarket, the regular supermarket, and senior's lunch specials at Coco's.

Ah, family.

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Did you?

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Monday, November 01, 2004

It's time for NaNoWri! For the uninitiated (like me!), National Novel Writing Month is an insane annual "event" where people from all over take on the task of writing a 50,000 word novel. So if you've ever had the jones to have a novel under your belt (I have!), then this is the month for you!

I've always secretly lusted to write a novel. But never have. It's just always seemed like such a silly pursuit. (I mean, who's going to read it, anyway?) Because I am kind of nerdy that way, NaNoWri is the perfect kind of organized event to get a lemming like me over the self-consciousness hump and started on a novel of my very own! Yay, NaNoWri!

This is my first year participating and I can't wait to get cranking. It's sure to be at least a little bit bad (probably a lot bad, but hope springs eternal!) and a whole lot of fun!

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the morning after.

There were no ingenious halloween costumes on my block this year. A few spidermen, and a lot of young teenagers dressed in regular clothes and claiming to be "Avril" or "the Unibomber". Oh, and one small bloody vampire. Now, HE was cool.

I think my halloween costumery peaked the year I was ten and dressed up as a computer. It was just a box I painted, with holes cut out for my head and arms. Of course, this ingenious construction meant I couldn't actually MOVE my arms for most of the night. Details, details.

I think I ate enough Trix bars to feed a small island nation. Possibly Palau. Urph.

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