Friday, July 09, 2004

craft disasters, part 2

I have already confessed my lust for all things crafty. And that I wish I were the kind of person who could pull perfectly blocked scarves out of my ears every 10 minutes, but I'm not.

Today there was the squishy alien incident, a project that was inspired by the recent invasion of small stuffed monsters like this and this and this.

I sewed them up, relatively without incident. (Relatively, for me, meaning nothing at all was set on fire.) And they came out rather nicely. I set them out on my desk to inspect, and thought about how it would be funny to stuff them in a jar.

Looking back, I can generally pinpoint the moment that one of my projects heads south. This was THAT moment. Because after I had smushed them INside, I realized that they wouldn't come OUT of the jar, ever. EVER. I also realized that the jar was extremely smelly.

I was tempted to throw the whole stinky mess in the garbage, but because I am an environmental scientist, and because I believe in reducing waste (!), I gave them to my friend, anyway.

"Happy birthday!" I exclaimed, presenting the jar.
"Uh, what is it?" she asked, a bit puzzled.
"It's ART!" I said, gesturing enthusiastically.
"Oh. Thanks?"
"Yes, you're very welcome."

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