Saturday, June 26, 2004

pretty kitty.

I've been knitting for a while now. I learned to knit while I was living in rural Baja, Mexico, where there was one grocery within an hour's drive and nothing else to do but fish for crabs and read and laze around and study. We would sit on the sand (in a sandy place, where there is no pavement, everything is sand and sand is in everything) and knit for hours. In the end, I got a nice golden brown tan and had lots of blocks of sandy knitted squares. I will forever associate yarn with sand and salty sea smells. Isn't that weird?

So I learned to knit, and then I came back to the US and stopped knitting. Because there were so many channels of TV and malls to shop at and internet to niffle through.

Then, a bit back, knitting became trendy. And I like feeling trendy. So I started knitting again.

I knit slowly, and unravel often, and the things I knit almost never turn out as planned. Last Christmas, I thought I would make a scarf as my gift for our office gift exchange. I ran out of yarn three quarters of the way through and couldn't find (for the life of me!) another skein of the stuff. So the scarf ended up rather short. And of course the largest possible man in our office picked it out. And all winter, when I saw him wear it, I would cringe a little inside. Like, "Sorry world, for the ridiculously short scarf on this poor, sweet man! My bad!"

My latest project was the kittyville hat from the very popular stich and bitch and I am actually quite proud of it. The side string pom-pom things are a couple inches uneven, but I've decided to call this flaw "quirky" and "charming" and leave it at that.

*I posted this with the weird wrong date, and now I can't remember when I actually posted it, so to those who are sticklers for accuracy and stuff, sorry!

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