Wednesday, June 16, 2004

movin' on up!

When you start to think about moving, finding a roommate, you begin look differently at all the people you know. Sizing them up for their potential living-withability. Do they have cute clothes to borrow? Would they eat up all your best snacks? Stiff you on groceries? Hog the TV? Make out with unsavory characters on your couch?

I posed this to B, and we had this conversation:

B: So when do you think WE might move in together?
M: (wrinkles nose) Not any time soon.
B: Why do you say that?
M: Because you're a gross, dirty boy!
B: I am?
M: Yes.
B: I don't think I'm THAT bad.
M: You never take the trash out until it smells, you're growing 8 different species of mold in your refrigerator, you wash dishes once a month, your shower is a seething pit of slimy filth, and you leave a trail of dirty clothes everywhere you go! I adore you... but you are, in fact, a gross dirty boy.
B: But I CAN be neat!
M: Mmmmm. But you're not.
B: (pauses thoughtfully) I guess I AM a gross dirty boy.
M: (nods) Well, that... and you have no cute shoes for me to borrow.
B: Ah, nor you for me.

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