Sunday, June 20, 2004

Eight years later, things that still remind me of you:

Pronounced rah-moo-neh (ramune), this weird fizzy drink is one of my favorites and reminds me of childhood summer roadtrips with my Grandpa. My mom's dad, he passed away when I was in college. His are all happy memories, and ramune is one of them.

There are a few different brands of ramune, but the bottle design is always generally the same, as is the general concept: a carbonated marble gets pushed from the plastic top into the second chamber, fizzing up the soda. (No one seems to know how they carbonate the marble... But the mystery is part of the fun!) This one is made by Shirakiku. (Yes, they also make rice and about a zillion other Japanese food products.) About half of the excitement is in pushing the fizzy marble into the drink, the rest of it is in trying to get the marble OUT of the bottle, once you're done drinking it. The closest thing I can think of to the way ramune tastes is Fresca--the official grapefruit soda of the Coca-cola company--but it's not very close at all, really.

Other fun people who like ramune, links from this guy's japanicana blog: here and here.

Maddy looks up and thinks: Happy Father's day, Grandpa!

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