Wednesday, June 02, 2004

drink me.

Today I got the very last (mine!! all mine!!) Diet Dr Pepper from the first-floor building cafeteria. The cafeteria is owned by the state, but operated by various entrepreneurs with disabilities--part of the state's small business development outreach program. Joe, who had run the cafeteria since the building opened a few years ago, recently retired, and the ensuing management change has left much to be desired. Mostly in the area of soda management--also fondly known as: "stocking Diet Dr Pepper." This is my favorite fizzy drink in the whole entire universe. The main reason that I ever passed my graduate comp exams is that I was able to study for 72 hours straight on 36 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper. I took the exam, and then I pooed. For days. Thanks, Dr Pepper!

The upside is, that the disappointment of so often NOT finding Diet Dr Pepper has made the rare finding-of-Diet Dr Pepper into a brain-busting, heart-pounding exhilarating event.

Or maybe I just need some new hobbies.

posted by m at 9:45 PM

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