Monday, May 10, 2004

what the world needs, really.

I was sitting at yet another year's Mother's Day buffet brunch, when I randomly heard the word "sex" float by. I looked up, and spotted dirty old sex talk man at the next table, talking AT THE VERY TOP OF HIS LUNGS in very graphic terms about sex: about what kinds of lubricants he's tried, what kinds of positions he likes. Lady at the table to our right and I had a small eye-contact gross-out moment... Like, hello? Ew?! I mean, come on--it's MOTHER'S DAY! I'm here WITH MY MOTHER! Dirty loud old sex talk man is now number one on my list of people you don't want meet at Mother's Day buffet brunch. And possibly EVER.

On the other end of the old man spectrum, I was driving my car to the auto body place on Friday, and I pulled up at this red light next to a van in the left turn lane. I was car dancing to AAR, with my windows down, when I heard someone rapping on a window. I looked to my left, and in the van's passenger seat was awesome rocking-out old chinese guy, giving me the thumbs up, and rocking out with me! So we had a little inter-generational rock-out moment. Which is what the world needs, really: more rocking-out old chinese men. And less of the dirty loud sex talk men. Please?

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