Wednesday, May 26, 2004

We tried out a new (to us) ramen noodle restaurant for lunch today.

The restaurant had this thing where you can pick how spicy you want your ramen noodles to be. It's ingenious, really, because all they have really done is give the whole "mild, medium, hot" thing more gradients, and assign them numbers (1 through 8). Instant gimmick. And the geeky bits of you just can't resist it. You start with, say, a "5" soup, and then the next time you go, you can try to ratchet it up to a "3" soup, to a "1" soup, and finally up to "special 2" soup, which apparently is the five-alarm spicy ramen that beats up all the other spicy ramen after school. And if you can eat it all within 30 minutes, you get to post up a polaroid of yourself up on the wall of spicy ramen fame.

Because that kind of feat deserves recognition, really.

posted by m at 5:38 PM

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