Monday, May 03, 2004

rules which should be simple.

Sunday afternoon and evening were devoted to sad movie night. This is a long-standing personal tradition of "getting your blues out"--where I sit in the dark and eat junk and watch sad movies and cry. For hours. I like to think of it as a way to sit still for a bit and let myself be unashamedly sad, in someone else's fiction. (Best sad movie night pick, possibly ever: Dancer in the Dark.) I find that after a good sad movie night cry, it's just easier to pick up and go on with things.

Sad movie night is probably best solo, but as a group event has two BASIC RULES:
(1) No talking about sad movie night movies after-the-fact. No appraising them, or critiquing them--the point is not that the movies are good or bad or cheesy or stupid, but rather, that they are sad. Period.
(2) No need to talk about why you're actually sad. In fact, the beauty of sad movie night is that you don't even need to know why you're sad. You cry at the movies. The movies allow you to cry. Afterwards, you eat dinner sadly in contemplative silence. Then, you get on with things.

I, myself, went on to make the most disastrous flan in the history of flan-making. (What do you do when the custard just won't get... custardy?) And then, went happily to bed.

B showed up in the middle of things (post-movie beginning and pre-disastrous flan), and plopped himself right down into it. Now, you would think that if you apprise someone of the BASIC RULES of sad movie night, they would simply shut-up and roll with things, right?

B: That was a sad movie. But I liked it. You cried a lot. I don't know if I like sad movie night, if it makes you so sad.
Me: It doesn't MAKE you sad, it helps you get your sad out.
B: So, why are you sad?
M: (Sighs loudly.)

And that is how you can, in the space of less than a minute, violate both basic rules of sad movie night, thus justifiably causing your head to be squeezed off by your understandably exasperated girlfriend.

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