Tuesday, May 25, 2004

because it does.

The best thing about Los Angeles, is that there are more In-n-Out burger drive-thrus here, than any other place in the universe.

Me: Grilled cheese, with grilled onion, light on the spread, and a Diet Coke.
B: Double-double with fries, well done, and an extra large Sprite.

(three minutes later)

B: You're finished already? We're not even home yet! Aren't you supposed to wait for me to eat?
Me: It tastes better in the car. You're supposed to finish it before you get home.
B: What about McDonalds? You don't eat McDonalds in the car...
Me: We don't eat McDonalds anymore, remember?
B: You mean YOU don't eat McDonalds anymore.
Me: Mmmm... Something like that.

(munchy moment of silence)

B: So why is it that In-n-Out burgers taste so much better in the car?
Me: (chews thoughtfully on a fry) I think, that it is not for us to question.
B: (sighs.)

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